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Digital Transformation & Content Management: Are you there yet?

October 13, 2020

Content management systems are everywhere (or should be) as companies have had to switch to work from home models and are starting to realize that remote work might be a cheap and easy solution for hiring the best employees across the country without needing to cover commercial rental fees. Content management systems make it easy for your employees to access the documents they need when they need them without extra emails, Slack messages, or a full Downloads folder.

Manage Remote Teams Effectively

But, managing remote teams is difficult, to say the least. Some of the biggest challenges companies have had to overcome during the COVID-19 pandemic have to do with the transition to managing teams remotely and figuring out how to collaborate when you’re not side by side. From getting invoices approved to ensuring everyone has the Zoom meeting notes, information access can be tedious and stressful. Employees who aren’t used to using new software get frustrated with poor solutions and documents can get lost in the cloud. Remote work tools, like content management systems, are the best way to allow your team to be just as productive and connected at home, and will still be a valuable tool for your business after staff return to the office.

DocuWare is an electronic content management system that is easy to use, simple to organize, and can even help automate processes that are being done manually, such as putting submitted order forms into the right folder for you.

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Reduce Your Paper Use

Implementing a content management system is a great way to ensure that you can manage your team remotely. With your employees located all over the city or even the country, it’s no longer practical to manage your business using hard copy documents. DocuWare gives organizations and users a straightforward way to manage documents, human resources, and sales. You’ll gain efficiency and transparency, all while saving money and the hassle that comes with paper. In fact, one of Canada’s largest providers of promotional products, Talbot Marketing, was able to reduce their printing output by 90% compared to pre-pandemic work practices.

Streamline Company Workflow from Afar

Remote work software is a must-have in these uncertain times. It is no longer a realistic option for every employee to have a paper copy, or even to ask for a client’s signature via a paper document. As all business owners know, working from home doesn’t mean that productivity can slow down. DocuWare allows file sharing with ease and takes care of smart integrations for you, like collecting signatures from your trusted service provider (a.k.a. the software you use to collect legal staff and client signatures) and sorting them into the right folders. Staff can access the secure file system from anywhere on any device. And unlike other remote work software options, DocuWare protects sensitive information and allows different access levels. You can now store, retrieve, and search in one spot, giving you more time to focus on the work and less time trying to determine where files are located.

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Digitize Paper Documents for Offsite Team Members

Even if most of your current files are paper, DocuWare can help make the transition online an easy one. Using any type of scanner, you can import your reports, invoices, and handwritten notes onto the DocuWare database. Once uploaded DocuWare automatically indexes and sorts your new electronic copies. This automatic online filing system saves you time and ensures that the new electronic files are located within relevant folders. Remote team members will be able to access the files they need easily!

Integrate with Your Favourite Software

Gone are the days of printing an invoice and manually entering it into your system. DocuWare is built to integrate with everything from team communication portals to bookkeeping software. Meaning, when you are looking for a document, you can search by name rather than hunting through a filing cabinet in the office. Not only will you find the file, but also all related information. With over 500 different integrations, including Microsoft, QuickBooks, and Oracle, DocuWare works within your system to improve and streamline communication within your company.

With work from home turning into the new normal, now is the time to switch your office to content management software and take the hassle out of paperwork. Make things easy for employees transitioning to work from home and make things automated to boost efficiency for everyone. For a demonstration of this innovative remote work software, DocuWare, contact us today!

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