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DocuWare: Talbot Marketing Case Study

February 25, 2020

The Highlights

Document Management Challenge

One of Canada’s largest providers of promotional products, corporate apparel, and uniforms, Talbot Marketing, was using a single manila envelope to organize and collect all the documents relating to an order. They needed a tool to help them stay organized and turn orders around quickly in a centralized format that could be easily integrated into their otherwise efficient process.


By adopting DocuWare’s document management system, Talbot Marketing reduced their printing output by 90% while significantly decreasing their ordering processing time.


Talbot Marketing is now able to organize and find sales documents, balance workload, and fulfill customer orders faster as well as automate some of their processes. Plus, they have the added bonus of saving on paper.

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Our ROI was achieved in less than one year, but we also saw immediate improvements in our customer service and the overall turnaround time of orders being placed.

Ian Nicol
Finance Manager at Talbot Marketing

5 Advantages of Talbot Marketing’s Smart Connect Integration

  • Synchronization of data, thus minimizing errors.
  • See ‘at a glance’ of where the lifecycle of an order is.
  • Creates efficiencies and cost savings and reduces time looking for order information.
  • Maximizes functionality of current ERP, where users already have familiarity.
  • Security and safeguards around personal data being collected during the order process.

The Full Story

Document Management Success

Many companies struggle to integrate digital office solutions into their formerly paper-based filing systems without overcomplicating processes. Talbot Marketing was no different, using their manila folder tactic to collect all order documents in one place. Everything from the initial order to artwork approval to shipping and invoicing was added to this envelope. Extra time was spent physically transferring this “docket” from department to department and sorting through the papers to find the information needed at a given time. It’s tiring just to think about.

Talbot Marketing needed a document management solution that could provide secure and consistent data and integrated systems that ensure their business could continue to grow into the future with ease. DocuWare document management system ticked all their boxes.

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Document Management & Workflow Management

Today, paper orders are scanned and imported into DocuWare along with electronic orders where they are all easily organized and automatically worked into the business process. DocuWare fits seamlessly into their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The DocuWare Smart Connect feature imports the ERP system’s data and indexes this information for easy access. This seamless maneuver eliminates double data entry and ensures the accuracy and consistency of data in both the ERP system and DocuWare for quick, easy retrieval.

Invoices are indexed by sales order number, date, company and the representative’s name and routed through Talbot Marketing’s workflow electronically using digital stamps, making workflow management a breeze. Upon final artwork approval, an order is then placed with the supplier and merchandise is shipped directly to the customer. Once the supplier provides an invoice to Talbot, another workflow is triggered to automatically invoice the customer. The DocuWare solution enables them to balance workloads among employees and eliminates bottlenecks that were common when they used a manual process.

Saving Time, Money & Retention Rates

As Ian Nicol, Finance Manager at Talbot Marketing has indicated “The number of documents we print has been reduced by 90% since electronic processes have been put in place. More significant is our ability to ensure orders are being processed quicker and AP invoices are being processed efficiently. Our ROI was achieved in less than one year, but we also saw immediate improvements in our customer service and the overall turnaround time of orders being placed”.

Talbot Marketing serves the Southwestern Ontario area with high-quality, branded promotional products to meet the needs of businesses large and small alike.

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