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Managed Print Services

Best Managed Print Services

Managed print services, “Is the Active Management and Optimization of Document Output Devices and Related Business Processes” (as defined by the MPSA – Managed Print Services Association). This means that everything from your printer, the ink and toner that goes into it, servicing costs as well as the documents that are printed are managed in a streamlined way to help businesses run more efficiently.

What is quite alarming is that industry statistics indicate that the vast majority of businesses do not have a clear idea of what they spend on an annual basis for document production within their offices. There has been further research that suggests that these costs can be as much as 3% of a companies annual revenues!

A well designed Managed Print Services program will help businesses drive down their overhead printing costs, improve internal efficiencies, and reduce administrative burdens.

Benefits of Managed Print Services from OE Canada

  • Fewer calls to the IT department and less overall management:
    Reduce the need for employee involvement to support and manage the print environment by eliminating tasks such as ordering supplies and calling the help desks for printer support with print management software.
  • Ability to see and manage all print costs:
    With managed print solutions, you can have all your printing costs detailed on one invoice, broken down by printer for full transparency.
  • Reduce the number of Print Devices
    During the Assessment Process, it is often discovered that organizations have far too many devices, particularly personal printers or systems shared by one or two users.  Often, several single function printers can be replaced with a more robust multi-function system that can be shared by several users
  • Keep track of print devices and deploy to the right place:
    With managed printing services, you will know exactly how many printing and imaging devices there are in your environment and understand the volume of production of each device. You can also keep track of your printing impact with Parpercut.
  • Create a paperless environment:
    With print management solutions, creating a paperless office or having a significant paper reduction makes for a more efficient workforce with reduced costs, fewer errors and an environmentally friendly office.
  • Improve workflow and streamline business practices:
    By implementing managed print services best practices, office documents are controlled in a way that allows employees to be more efficient and improve print, document and overall workflows.
  • Improved document control and security:
    Improved document control and security: Control documents tightly using OE Canada’s document management best practices and Docuware software to improve your workflow. Prevent unauthorized access to documents and network by implementing a single security policy across your fleet of printers.

Ink Ahead

Save Time With Software Management

Up your print game and save time and energy by powering your new or existing OE Canada printer or copier with industry-leading software. Organizations use software in their printing and office environments to increase overall office productivity and reduce costs as a long-term solution.

Stay ahead of the curve with document management solutions, managed printing services, and workflow management tools. Many organizations in the London, Guelph and Kitchener Waterloo areas select OE Canada as their partner as we offer the industry’s leading technology solutions so that you can focus on your core business.

The benefits of selecting software management solutions from OE Canada

Many organizations who have implemented software and document management have seen:

  • Increased productivity: Spend less time searching for the right document and more time focusing on getting the job done.
  • Decrease in paper waste: Move away from relying on traditional paper documents and reduce your paper footprint to benefit our planet. Check out the Papercut software for printing responsibly and eliminating waste.
  • Decrease in printing costs: Software management solutions mean that less paper is required to be printed – saving your business money over time on printing costs.
  • Streamlined business processes: Say goodbye to the days of emailing back and forth with other departments to get the tools and documents you need to get the job done. Access everything you need, when you need it most. Gain new levels of efficiency with the Docuware software.

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