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The Importance Of Printer Security

April 19, 2018

Printer Security

How many times have you printed documents that contain your Passport number, SIN card or other confidential personal information?  Do you often open an attachment contained in an email and print that document?

What if you were told that there is a growing threat of outside “hacking” into your network and a printer that is not secure could be that entry point.  Hackers are becoming far more sophisticated in their approach to gain access to confidential business information. They look for vulnerable areas within the workplace as an entry point to the whole network and printers are becoming the likely candidate.

Check out “The Wolf” video from HP which outlines the threat of printer security and the importance of protecting your organization.

Whether it be at your office or even your home, lack of security protection on your network and printer products expose you to the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive personal information or that of your business. In fact, if the printer you are using is not secure, it can be hacked into any printing job any number of times.

Last year, the New York Times reported that many racists, anti-Semitic and anti-gay fliers appeared in the printers of college campuses across States. Hacker Andrew Auernheimer, or Weev, claimed responsibility for sending some of the fliers, though he had not specifically targeted colleges but instead sent the fliers to every publicly accessible printer in North America.

Print security is more than document security. Today’s threats require attention to data in-transit and endpoint devices on the network. See how HP printing security can help you stay a step ahead.

Check out “The Fixer” video from HP which explains how HP technology works to protect your business.

All of your information can be compromised through the invisible back door. In order to avoid this from happening, you can implement the following steps to ensure that information that you share around your network stays inside the confines of your office.

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Ensure Your Firewall Is Enabled For Secure Printing

Has your printer failed you in the time you need it the most? Disabling firewall is a miraculous quick-fix in such times, but it also puts your printer security in danger. Check your firewall before proceeding with printing to ensure you have secure printing and to avoid any mishaps.

Train Your Employees On Printer Security

If you operate in an office environment with multiple employees accessing your printers, consider employee training for printer security. There is typically some recommended drivers or patches by the printer manufacturer for secure printing solutions and printer security settings to provide to employees. You can also enable print policies that include secure pull printing solutions such as Papercut that allow documents to securely follow the end user over the network and be printed at a device convenient for the end user once they have established their login credentials at the device, mostly through the use of a security access or swipe card, thus enabling total security and confidentiality of the document in question.

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Upgrade Your Technology With Worry-Free Secure Printing Solutions

Using the latest printers with government-grade security can remove any uncertainties about implementing printer security solutions. In fact, HP is the world’s leader in print security technology and their solutions enable your business to achieve the highest levels of security, compliance, and control for your critical documents.

OE Canada provides the only the highest standard of printer devices to ensure we keep our clients printing securely. Here are some printers with the best levels of printer security:

HP 77750Z PageWide Colour MFP

HP E87640 Enterprise Colour MFP

HP M577 Enterprise Colour MFP

For more information on how to ensure you’re printing securely, get in touch with us!