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Elevating Your Business: Unleashing the Potential of Digital Document Management

September 13, 2023

Success in today’s fast-paced digital landscape relies on your adaptability and ability to navigate a constantly changing business environment. In the past five years, we’ve observed a significant shift in how businesses operate. The way teams collaborate and our concept of the modern office have evolved, bringing together remote, hybrid, and on-site employees. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages of embracing a Digital Document Management Solution for your organization. This state-of-the-art solution offers the potential to transform your operations, improve insights, enhance security, foster collaboration, and increase growth prospects.

Digital Document Management or Digital File Management to improve efficiencyStreamlined Operations: The Efficiency Catalyst

Imagine a world where finding vital documents doesn’t involve digging through cabinets or stacks of boxes. Picture a scenario where important business data is just a click away. With a Digital Document Management Solution, this becomes your reality. This transformation lets your team access contracts or proposals in seconds. A study by McKinsey & Company found that employees spend up to 20% of their workweek searching for documents. Incorporating a content management system reduces this wasted time, letting your team concentrate on what drives your business. As a result and importantly, these efficiency enhancements cut operational expenses and enhance productivity. (Source: McKinsey Digital, “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies”)

Digital Document Management or Digital File Management Software to increase document securityEnhanced Security: Fortifying Your Digital Fortress

In the digital age, cyber threats lurk around every corner, underscoring the importance of securing your organization’s digital assets. Looking at data from 2020, small businesses faced 700,000 cyberattacks, resulting in $2.8 billion in damages. Not surprisingly, in over 40% of cases, these attacks resulted in critical data loss. To counter these threats effectively, robust security features, including redundant backups and end-to-end encryption, which are integral components of a Digital File Management System, serve as a formidable shield. Consequently, they safeguard your sensitive information, ensuring the security of your data and providing peace of mind. (Source: StrongDM, “35 Alarming Small Business Cyber Security Statistics for 2023”)

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Digital Document Management or Digital File Management to improve remote and hybrid team collaborationCollaboration Simplified: Bridging Distances and Fostering Teamwork

Don’t allow physical location to hinder seamless collaboration. According to Salesforce, a staggering 86% of executives attribute business failure to poor collaboration. In today’s mobile and remote world, the key to effective collaboration lies in leveraging digital tools such as a document management platform for file management. Leveraging these tools allows you to improve teamwork by enabling employees to collaborate effectively, regardless of their location. (Source: Salesforce, “How Soft Skills Are Crucial To Your Business”)

Digital Document Management or Digital File Management to increase productivity and promote growthScalability and Growth: Charting the Path to Prosperity

As our global business landscape evolves, organizations must adapt and scale for continued growth and success. An impressive 87% of senior business leaders, as per Gartner, consider digitization a top priority. In a separate study by Statista, 37% of CEOs identified improvements to the remote work experience as one of the keys to their ongoing success. (Source: Gartner, “Digital Transformation Success From Strategy To Execution”, Statista, “Given the current state of the business what are the CEO’s top three priorities for you to help business preserve through the current disruption?”)

In a world wholeheartedly embracing digital transformation, integrating Digital Document Management Solutions into core operations offers substantial rewards. Furthermore, it’s unsurprising that these solutions not only improve efficiency, security, and collaboration but also foster business growth and position you as a leader in an increasingly competitive landscape. Reach out to us at OE Canada today to see how we can help you revolutionize the way you do business.

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