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COVID-19 Update

With the uncertainty of the landscape surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we understand that essential businesses and our valued customers that we serve require our support as a technology services provider to assist in their daily operations and unique requirements as they may change.

At the core of our company is the health, well being and safety of all of our employees and clients. To that effect we have taken all precautions and applied best practices to ensure this continues moving forward.

As always, if you require service or supplies please continue to contact us at 519-649-5066, or email us at or

For those organizations that are moving toward a WFH (work from home) strategy, and require sales related support for rentals, leases and purchases, please call 519-649-5066 or email We will do our absolute best to support any initiatives you may have.

We wish every business, person and family member the best during this uncertain time. We ask as a global citizen that everyone use their very best judgement to keep safe and well protected, and be attentive to the governing bodies and the further instruction they may have to our actions as a society.

Thank you for your ongoing support and consideration.

 Safest Regards.