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Workflow Management

Workflow Management

As your organization grows, managing the workflow may become increasingly daunting. If you have out-of-date systems that can’t be adapted, still rely on paper forms and/or are using different software across departments, for example, you may need a workflow management tool.

Organizations use workflow management solutions to coordinate tasks between people and departments to synchronize data between systems with the goal of improving the overall organizational efficiency.

Benefits of a Workflow Management System from OE Canada

Workflow automation can allow organizations to save time and ensure transparency within departments and divisions in producing critical documents or information. Some of the benefits of using workflow management tools are:

  • Reducing errors:
    The right document workflow automation solution will eliminate all manual and human error that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address.
  • Improved Communication:
    Say goodbye to the days of manually notifying team members when a process is complete, with workflow management software, notifications and status updates keep all team members involved and informed.
  • Reduce Costs:
    By streamlining processes, workflow management solutions reduce costs in organizations over time by reducing human errors and saving time and resources.
  • Visibility and Status:
    Employee approval hierarchy, accountability and responsibility can be clear for organizations implementing workflow management tools.
  • Scalability:
    Once manual tasks are automated with workflow solutions, resources open and allow for an organization to grow and eliminate bottlenecks to meet new demands.
  • Integration:
    With the right platform, an automated workflow can integrate 3rd party applications, ERP systems and legacy databases where applicable so that all roles can play in one single process.
  • Real-time reports:
    Receive real-time reporting to improve the overall workflow processes within an organization and learn from inefficiencies.

Ink Ahead

Save Time With Software Management

Up your print game and save time and energy by powering your new or existing OE Canada printer or copier with industry-leading software. Organizations use software in their printing and office environments to increase overall office productivity and reduce costs as a long-term solution.

Stay ahead of the curve with document management solutions, managed printing services, and workflow management tools. Many organizations in the Southwestern Ontario area select OE Canada as their partner as we offer the industry’s leading technology solutions so that you can focus on your core business.

The benefits of selecting software management solutions from OE Canada

Many organizations who have implemented software and document management have seen:

  • Increased productivity: Spend less time searching for the right document and more time focusing on getting the job done.
  • Free up Valuable Floorspace: As you convert paper documents to electronic formats, your will eventually eliminate many of your filing cabinets and the expensive floor space they occupy.
  • Decrease in paper waste: Move away from relying on traditional paper documents and reduce your paper footprint to benefit our planet. Check out the Papercut software for printing responsibly and eliminating waste.
  • Decrease in printing costs: Software management solutions mean that less paper is required to be printed – saving your business money over time on printing costs.
  • Streamlined business processes: Say goodbye to the days of emailing back and forth with other departments to get the tools and documents you need to get the job done. Access everything you need, when you need it most. Gain new levels of efficiency with the Docuware software.

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