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Using Private Print

Private Print

Using the private print function allows you to create your own personal print queue! You can send numerous print jobs to the system and they will be held until you release them. This is an efficient feature to prevent multiple trips to the copier, ensure documents remain confidential and avoid having them shuffled in with other documents.

Private Print Guide:

Select File and Print from the main window

  1. In print driver window, select desired printer and then click properties
  2. In the top right corner (under the “basic” tab) you will see a drop-down menu (likely with “Normal Print” in view)
  3. Change this setting to “Private Print”
  4. Select any desired print options as you normally would
  5. Submit print job
  6. You are now prompted to enter a four-digit password (this will be needed to release your print jobs from the system when you are ready)

You can send as many jobs as you like to your private print queue. To set “Private Printing” as your default print method, refer to “Setting Print Defaults”

To retrieve print jobs:

At copier, press the “PRINT” button

  1. Select “private” on the touch screen menu
  2. Select your name and enter the password
  3. Select which jobs you would like to print by touching the file name (you can also deselect them if desired by touching them again)
  4. There is also a “select all” button if you would like everything to be printed
  5. Press Print