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Using Cardstock on Toshiba Copiers

Printing On Cardstock

Sending the Document to Print

  1. In your software program, open the printer properties window
  2. Ensure the [BASIC] tab is selected
  3. Locate the [Paper Type] drop-down menu in the middle of the window.
  4. Change this setting to the required THICK setting based on the following paperweight guidelines:
    1. Thick 1 ~90lbs
    2. Thick 2 ~110lbs
    3. Thick 3 ~140lbs
    4. Thick 4 ~150lbs
  5. This should also change the input tray to By-Pass.
  6. Configure any other document finishing options you require.
  7. Press [OK] and send the document to print.

At the Device

  1. Press the [Job Status] button on the touchscreen. It should be flashing orange.
  2. Follow the prompts located in the top left corner of the blue bar.
    1. **If your unit is a black and white only copier, remember to ensure the green tab on the by-pass tray is engaged.