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Toshiba Slit-Glass Cleaning

Slit-Glass Cleaning

Slit-glass cleaning is part of the regular user maintenance program for your copier. It is completed as needed, based on the volume of impressions your copier handles. Some clients will complete this more frequently than others due to their average volumes.

Toshiba Slit-Glass

1. Open the front panel door

2. Remove the waste toner bottle from the device by pushing down on the green clips, and pulling it out

3. Pull down the green latches under each toner cartridge

4. Remove the green wand from the inside of the front panel door

5. Locate the green arrows under the toner cartridges, and slide the green wand in as far into the slot as it can go. Do this for each of the toner cartridges

6. Place the green wand back in its holder

7. Locate the small green tabs and slide them out until they stop. After they have been pulled out as far as they can, push them back in

8. After you have done this for each toner cartridge, flip up the green latches, place the waste toner bottle back in the device, close the front panel door, and continue device usage.