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Printing Labels on Toshiba Copiers

Printing Labels

Labels are considered an occasional media type in the copy industry as the large MFPs are not specifically designed for this media type. However, following these steps will help to ensure your labels are printed correctly.

Before Using Your Labels:

  1. Ensure your label brand/manufacturer has indicated they are copier compatible.
  2. Labels used should have a thermal rating of 180 degrees or better.
  3. Only use full sheets of labels. The risk of the leftover edges on partial sheets getting caught and sticking is too great.

Sending the Labels to Print

  1. In your software program, open the printer properties window
  2. Ensure the [BASIC] tab is selected
  3. Locate the [Paper Type] drop-down menu in the middle of the window.
  4. Change this setting to THICK 2. This should also change the input tray to By-Pass.
  5. Press [OK] and send the labels to print.

Printing Labels on a Toshiba Device

  1. Press the [Job Status] button on the touchscreen. It should be flashing orange.
  2. Follow the prompts located in the top left corner of the blue bar.
    1. **If your unit is a black and white only copier, remember to ensure the green tab on the by-pass tray is engaged.