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Printing Envelopes on Toshiba Copiers

Printing Envelopes

Envelopes are considered an occasional media type in the copy industry as the large MFPs are not specifically designed for this media type. However, following these steps will help to ensure your envelopes are printed correctly.

Before printing envelopes, please confirm the following settings:

  • In your software program (i.e. MS Word), open the envelope/mailing window
  • Select the envelope tab; click the [Option] button
  • Select the [Printing Options] tab
  • Ensure “Face Down” printing is selected and ensure “Clockwise Rotation” is also checked.
  • Press [OK]

Sending the Envelope to Print

  1. In your software program (i.e. MS Word), open the envelope/mailing window
  2. Complete the desired information areas as required
  3. Press Print

At the Device

  1. Press the [Job Status] button on the touch screen. It should be flashing orange. The paper type should display as [UNIV] or [COM10]
  2. Follow the prompts located in the top left corner in the blue bar.
    1. **If your unit is a black and white only copier, remember to ensure the green tab on the by-pass tray is engaged.
  3. Envelopes are loaded face down; the flap should open away from you.

**If the paper type displayed is incorrect (or it prints on letter paper), please contact your IT help desk as a print driver setting will need to be changed. Inform them that the “Override Application Paper Source Settings” option needs to be changed. This is located in the printer properties window->device settings tab-> drawer settings.