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How To Improve Worker Productivity with Workflow Automation

July 26, 2018

Losses in revenue, slow turnover times, reoccurring errors; these are just some of the negative outcomes of low worker productivity for small and large businesses alike. However, when it comes to improving the efficiency and productivity of their employees, a lot of businesses may not even know where to begin. With so many different workflow management systems available, and a plethora of often conflicting advice given online, the road to increasing worker productivity can be overwhelming.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is a tool or process that automates manual or repetitive tasks so that employees can focus their energies on more important and engaging tasks. The idea of workflow automation is to maximize efficiency, and by extension, improve worker productivity.

Some other benefits of workflow automation include:

Who Can Benefit from Workflow Automation?

Virtually all areas of a business can benefit from workflow automation, particularly those that are known for having to rely on manual and repetitive processes to get things done. In particular, departments such as Human Resources, Sales, Finance and IT are areas of a business that could benefit from workflow automation the most.

Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation software aims to provide businesses with an easy-to-use tool that automates redundant manual processes that inevitably lead to decreased worker productivity. When choosing a workflow automation software, it’s important to conduct in-depth research and survey employees on their suggestions for improvement in order to determine the right tool for your business.

Transitioning from a Manual Process to an Automated One

When choosing a workflow automation software, it’s also critical to consider the ease of transitioning from a manual process to an automated one. Moreover, you will want to adequately prepare for the transition (no matter how easy) by ensuring that all employees will be on board with the transition. Hosting events like a Lunch-and-Learn is a great way to introduce employees to the software and answer any concerns or questions they may have regarding the transition.

Boost Worker Productivity with DocuWare

DocuWare is a great tool that businesses can use to automate the management of their documents and key business processes and improve the efficiency of productivity of their workers. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, businesses can electronically store, search, and retrieve documents from one place (including email) and automate manual business processes to electronic workflows.

What are some key benefits of DocuWare?

Contact an OE Canada Inc. consultant today to learn more about how DocuWare can help improve your business’s worker productivity.