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Fax Confirmations on Toshiba Copiers

Fax Confirmations

This page will outline two ways to confirm faxes: visual/manual confirmation (i.e. printed confirmations are not always required) and how to set printed confirmations as a default. Please check with the appropriate administrators for approval if required.

Manual Confirmations

1. Select [Job Status] on the touchscreen

2. Select the [Logs] tab

3. Select the [Send] icon

4. A list of faxes will now be displayed. Locate the relevant fax number in the list. Now check the “Status” column. If the word “OK” is present, the fax has been sent. If anything else appears, it has not been sent.

5. To print a fax confirmation for this specific fax, touch the desired fax number and it will highlight in blue.

6. Select the [Journal] button at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation report for this fax will now be printed.

Setting Fax Confirmations

**You will require the Administrator password to alter this default setting. Please contact your IT Helpdesk for Support.

1. Select the [User Function] button (above the keypad)

2. Select the “Admin” tab and enter the admin password

3. Select the [List/Report] icon

4. Select [Report Setting] icon

5. Select [Comm Report] icon

6. Select the [Always] icon in each of the 4 columns

7. Press [OK]

8. Press [User Functions]