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Changing Drum Unit Guide

(MX310, MX410, MX510, MS310, and MS410)

Changing your drum unit is one of the most important things for a user to know. Lexmark devices use drum units that last for quite a long time. However, they do not last forever. That is why it is important for users to know how to change them and ensure that there is no hiccup in office productivity.

Lexmark Device Drum Unit

  1. Open the front door by pressing the button located on the right side of the machine. Then, lift up the front of the machine.
  2. Use the handle to slide the toner cartridge out of the machine.
  3. Next, grab the green handle and pull out the drum unit.
  4. Slide the new drum unit deep inside the device until you feel it lock.
  5. Re-insert your toner cartridge into its place on top of the drum unit.
  6. Close the door once you have finished.