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Workflow Automation: Alleviating Pain Points

Document Media’s recent article takes a look at the numerous pain points each workplace faces when it comes to workflow automation. For one, the majority of workflow processes begin in paper format. As well, people struggle to find the correct document when they need to retrieve information. Perhaps most importantly, they have issues manually extracting …


Toshiba Recycling Program

With the help of their “Zero Waste to Landfill” program, Toshiba recycled close to 200 tons of e-Waste in 2014. Toshiba was able to prevent the dumping of these materials that are potentially harmful to the environment. Collectively, Toshiba has recycled approximately 600 tons of e-Waste since the program started in 2008. At OE, we …


MPS Assessments

Document Strategy’s new article focuses on the importance of a strong Managed Print Services assessment in helping companies find ways to save money and optimize their workflow. The article emphasizes what is important in an MPS assessment, and what MPS providers should be looking for during their print audit. As experts in MPS, we keep …


MPS and Process Digitization

 Louella Fernandes recently posted an article highlighting the importance of MPS in helping organizations integrate their paper processes with their digital workflow. While the majority of businesses still rely on printing, they are now beginning to use MPS initiatives to increase their digitization efforts. Fernandes goes on to explain that MPS is so effective, because …


Eco-Friendly, Award-Winning Toshiba

Toshiba’s new e-Studio 306LP/RD30 has won Best in Biz’s award for “Most Innovative Product” of 2014. The device, which is the first MFP to feature erasable toner, was voted for by 53 different judges, all from highly renowned technology publications. The 306’s ability to erase toner and reuse sheets as many as five times appealed …


Protect Your Sensitive Documents

The Columbus Dispatch has published an article focusing on printer/copier hard drive security. Most printers and copiers have had the capability of copying and storing every document to the device’s hard drive since 2002. Even though these devices encrypt the information that is stored on the hard drive, it is still very possible for hackers …


Toshiba Wins Again

Toshiba’s line of e-Studio 557/657/757/857 MFP’s has won Better Buys for Business’ Editor’s Choice award for the months of October/November. The award was given to the device for surpassing other monochrome MFP’s in comparison testing. As well, Better Buys for Business points to the next generation e-Bridge controller, and the self-encrypting drive as standout features …


Affordable Managed Print Fleets

Bill Melo’s article on Industry Analysts webpage presents an insight into the power of managed print services. When companies have tight budgets, or are looking to cut costs, adopting a managed print services initiative allows companies to cut costs while becoming more efficient in their day-to-day work. Melo goes on to outline the necessities of …


DocuWare Improves Accounting Firm

Industry Analysts has posted another case study highlighting an accounting firm who have been using DocuWare for a number of years. However, this case is unique, because the accounting firm actually wanted to give their clients controlled access to DocuWare. By giving their clients access, the accounting firm was able to streamline client invoice approvals …

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