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We help your staff save time, conserve financial resources, improve workflow, eliminate redundancy, and gain peace of mind. With an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) System, you gain instant access to valuable information through a shared, searchable system, which helps you find the information you need, when you need it. Using technological solutions, like electronic file cabinets and meta tagging, allow you to search, store, and find documents with ease.


Printing and filing a document traditionally takes an average of 5-7 minutes. But that’s just the beginning. Today’s work environment includes desktop folders and email folders on shared network drives, and other ad-hoc storage methods. With innovative and intuitive Enterprise Document Management Systems, you simplify the archival process with one centralized system to:

  • Create a filing system for all unstructured data
  • Streamline documents into specific archives such as accounts payable, human resources, or purchasing
  • Automatically route purchase orders, change orders and contracts to a designated project or client folder
  • Create a system that scans and routes all incoming mail electronically

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Electronic document filing software can be integrated so that your company’s copiers or printers can perform scans.


EDM solutions are easy to learn and use. Your team can retrieve specific information for a client, project status, or vendor agreement using key words. This system’s powerful search engine allows your business to:

  • Improve workflow with automatic check-in and check-out of documents
  • Make sound decisions by providing staff with timely information
  • Enhance customer service with quick access to customer information
  • Provide information in a user-friendly digital format to third party partners