Our solutions are customizable and are meant to be adapted to your specific needs and technology.

Since no two businesses are alike, you should always receive the right solution for your needs. We help manage your print environment through multiple solutions for printer service and support. Not only do we provide printers, multifunction devices, and supplies, but we also track your toner, your document output, and your applications. OE Canada’s Managed Print Services gives you the flexibility to adjust your needs as they change and stay current with changing technology. Contact us to receive more information or to schedule an informational presentation to learn about our Managed Print Service options.

Assessment (Electronic and Physical)

  • Complete device discovery
  • Implement monitoring/management tools
  • Conduct on-site survey
  • Document locations devices
  • Capture meter readings

Help Desk Support

OE Canada’s knowledgeable help desk representatives are available Monday-Friday from 8:15 a.m.-5:15 p.m.

Automatic Supply Ordering and Shipment

OE Canada’s automatic supply ordering system is designed so you never have to worry about running out of copier/printer supplies again. The system automatically monitors your toner usage and generates an email to OE Canada when your toner is low. Then, we ship new toner cartridges to you automatically as needed.

Analyze usage, deployment, and overall performance of print environment

  • Environmental “Green” Report
  • Detailed summary of:
  • Service call history report
  • Supplies order report
  • Device utilization report
  • List of devices and utilization charts
  • Average monthly copy/print volume

Management & Monitoring

  • Live help desk support
  • On-site service and support from trained and certified technicians
  • Automatic supply ordering and shipment
  • Automatic meter read collection and electronic invoicing

Performance Improvements

  • Recurring business review every six months
  • Printer replacement
  • Maximize resources and help plan for future growth
  • Make informed decisions on equipment additions

Business Review Meetings

OE Canada’s Managed Print Services business review provides a proactive collection of information about your copy/print devices through monitoring software and your account management team. We monitor your copy/print environment and help you efficiently track and manage your device maintenance, toner supplies, and usage patterns. A business review meeting can be conducted every six months to provide you with a detailed executive summary that includes:

  • Service call history
  • Supply order history
  • Device utilization report
  • List of devices and utilization charting
  • Average monthly copy/print volume by device
  • Service agreement and contract coverage