IT Services

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Your organization depends on technology every day to keep business running smoothly. As a result, you have a diverse mix of technologies and computer issues to support. Don’t spend your valuable time reacting to technological problems! From basic support to a plan that includes all of your hardware and maintenance, you can customize the level of IT service that’s right for you! Contact your OE Canada technology advisor for these managed IT services:

1st Level Support

Equipment Installation & Setup

During the initial setup, OE Canada will provide pre-sales and post-sales support for standard installation of equipment related to Software and Hardware configuration.

  • Complete the Connectivity – Statement of Work Detail
  • Submit the customer signed Authorization with your deal

Included with the lease or purchase of equipment are the following technical support services completed at the time of install. (See Basic Connectivity – Statement of Work Details)

  • Set up base product configuration to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Attach system to customer’s network and test connection
  • Installation of printer drivers on up to 5 PC’s
  • Test with standard Office applications
  • Training on up to five end users at time of install
  • Training network administrator and one primary backup on installing & configuring software such as print drivers, web interface, desktop faxing, network scanning and system utilities
Value-Add Installation & Setup
Printer & Faxes Multifunctional Devices
$300 1st Device $500 1st Device
$75 Each Additional Devices $100 Each Additional Devices
* Cost of installation & setup currently included as a value-add.

On-going Technical Support

  • First Level technical support is the responsibility of the Servicing Technician as part of the service agreement.
  • Troubleshooting & resolving printing issues related to the device or firmware furnished by the manufacturer will be covered under the standard OE Canada Service Agreement.
  • Any changes to the client’s Operating System, setting up additional PC’s or network and print driver issues, not related to the equipment, will be referred to the OE Canada Professional Services Team as billable charges under 2nd Level Service Support.

2nd Level Support

Aftermarket Professional Services Support

  • Second Level technical support may be required for software or network related calls and will be billable at an hourly rate. The client may choose a prepaid time-block for ongoing Professional Services Support.
  • Troubleshooting software not provided by OE Canada, including operating systems and applications
  • Installing or repairing cabling, PC’s, Servers, Routers or other hardware
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity problems resulting from defective network hardware and/or software

We have the technical expertise to provide support to our client base on all OE Canada Solutions we sell.

Software Solutions Installation & Setup

Pre-sales support may be offered through the Professional Services Department and arranged in advance through the IT Coordinator. The following software support is available through our Professional Services Specialists

  • Providing installation services on high-end Software Solutions
  • Training network administrator and one primary backup on installing & configuring software
OE Canada will provide support to OE Canada customers, regarding the following solution enabler products:
  • Net-working
  • Customization
  • Papercut
  • Laserfiche
  • Re-rite
  • Gold Fax
  • eCopy
  • FM Audit
  • DocuWare

Get in touch with our team for more info.

Contact the Professional Services Team for all 2nd Level Support Pricing on Software Solutions.

Professional Services Rates
On-site Software Support Services
5 Hours 10 Hours 15 Hours
$780 10% Savings $1485 15% Savings $2100 20% Savings
* $175 per hour with a one-hour minimum charge per on-site visit. Additional prepaid hours purchased above 15 Hrs at rate of $131 (25% Savings)
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Hard Drive Security- Return and Disposal Options:

The following options are available for copiers that are traded-in or returned to OE Canada:

Removal of Hard Drive

We remove your hard drive, give it to you and put a new hard drive back in your MFP so it can be returned back to factory / manufacturer specifications for the leasing company. A decommissioning receipt is given to the customer. Disposal or replacement fees apply.

Secured Hard Drive

If you have secured the information contained on your hard drive, validated the content of the information was non-personal, and/or have determined the device to have an encrypted hard drive, you may elect to return the copier/printer with no further security action taken. The hard drive fax and network settings are left on the device. The client will be responsible for deleting any information from the device. Customer signature above acknowledges and waives OE Canada of any responsibility for data remaining on the system

*In the case of OE Canada removing competitive equipment, the client is responsible for arranging to remove hard drive information (if required) with current service provider prior to removal.